10 Human Resources Blogs You Should Check Out

Staying up to date with the latest news and trends in the human resources world globally can be very difficult. It’s an ever-evolving industry with lots of things happening all the time, so it’s extremely important to follow some of the top HR blogs available. But with so many blog options, it can be hard to narrow down the right ones. Here’s a list with some of the top options to keep in mind, especially if you want to learn more about employee engagement, retention, interviews, building teams and new trends!

The Bonusly Blog
We believe The Bonusly Blog is a great option because it has all kinds of content related to company culture, employee experience, rewards and anything in between. Every HR professional should follow this blog, especially since it has a lot of articles on employee recognition.

The HR Capitalist
When you browse The HR Capitalist, you will find it an exceptional blog for a variety of reasons. It gives you all kinds of great ideas in the HR world, and it also talks about the latest industry trends. In addition, you get insights into HR strategies without being utterly specific.

When I Work
When I Work is a great blog for HR professionals because it brings management skills at the forefront. You have articles about policy violations, dealing with challenges, optimizing the workplace and so on. It’s ideal for any HR professional that handles a team.

SnackNation, special mention here is one of our favorites for its articles on employee engagement, and enhancing workplace wellness, and it can also help you focus more on helping your team. In addition, it brings ideas related to wellness programs, happiness, but also numerous challenges that you can sometimes face along the way.

Evil HR Lady
In case you’re looking for an HR blog that’s a bit on the fun side, then this can be a great and light read.The blog offers a great insight into how to navigate your workplace and manage a team, hire new people and so on. The added dose of sarcasm and excitement is what sets everything apart.

HR Bartender
HR Bartender’s approach comes via listicles. The blog does a very good job at helping you learn more about career advice, engaging employees, retaining them, but it also covers various leadership topics. It’s a go-to for any HR professional.

Namely Blog
Namely has a combination of payroll, HR and benefits experts. They all add up to tackle things like compliance, best practices and so on. It’s quite an interesting idea and they do bring in front an exceptional result and great benefits.

The Undercover Recruiter
If you’re interested in more recruiting content, then this blog is a great option. You will find it a goldmine when it comes to content related to interview techniques, best practices, recruiting trends and anything in between. The advantage is that you get new content often, it’s very professional and high quality as well.

Fistful Of Talent
Fistful of Talent has multiple contributors and their focus is to bring a solid, high quality perspective to the world of HR. On top of that, they do an exceptional job at keeping their hand on the pulse, while sharing some of the latest industry trends.

Career Plug
CareerPlug can also be a great pick, and the main reason behind that is it can help you enhance retention, focus on the candidate experience, etc. In addition, you will learn more about HR experiences and how to improve the way you treat and work with your treat your team as a whole.

These blogs offer an exceptional wealth of information and they can be one of the best places for any HR professionals to keep an eye on the latest trends. You can also learn a lot about various HR features, solutions and systems that currently work very well within the industry. Avail this great opportunity and visit these websites often for great HR content!

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