5 Outdoor team building activity ideas for your team

One of the best way to create team-building activities is to make them engaging, fun, but also think outside the box. That’s why outdoor team building activities are widely sought after as it allows everyone to get moving, exploring the great outdoors whilst bringing in an amazing array of emotions & allowing networking & connectivity.

It’s always important to try and spruce things up as you find new and even better team-building activities. That’s why it’s highly recommended to take these into account and once you do that, the benefits can be outstanding. You just have to take it all into consideration and see what outdoor team-building activities fit your team the most.


Pulse Amazing Race
If you saw the Amazing Race TV series, then you will have a good idea of what you can expect. The focus with our Amazing Race outdoor team building activity is that you’ll need to go through a series of challenges spread across multiple locations in a certain vicinity such as Sentosa, City or even a special place like Gardens By The Bay learning about the locations and completing team missions along the way.

Taking your team outdoors and exploring new landmarks in their backyard in a creative way is always exciting, and having the opportunity to work closely with colleagues is even better. It just adds to the experience, while bringing in a very creative and exciting way to play.

The outdoor team-building activities within this experience are challenging, and they will have everything from demanding situations to confusion and a true focus on teamwork. It’s all about fun, but you do need to work with your entire team in order to be the first reaching that finish line. This activity is suitable for groups of over 20 people to up to even a 1,000, and it can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours.


Property Typhoon
This Monopoly-themed outdoor team building activity is all about getting as many properties and sets and becoming the true property tycoon. The way you do that is very easy to understand. There are multiple teams and each one of them needs to complete challenges spread over different landmarks in the city with a special advantage given to the first mover as well as the fastest collector of each set.

In true Monopoly fashion, these challenges can also end up making you pass a turn or you might have to visit the “Jail” where we might put you into exile for a little bit. It really is an amazing, exciting and very empowering game that a lot of people will love to play, especially since it’s a whole bunch of fun and extremely engaging whilst allowing many different strategies to come to life.


Running Man
In this game, the idea is that you will need to go head-to-head with other teams in missions with the goal of out-dueling everyone. You will have all kinds of ridiculous and fun challenges that will help you improve the overall teamwork and chemistry within the team. Every challenge will have a winning team, and that team is going to have access to various superpowers. You can use those in the final mission, where it’s crucial to take out the opponents. It’s one of those interesting and exciting outdoor team-building activities that will test your team’s power and how well everyone is able to work together.


Mini Olympics
As the name suggests, this is one of those outdoor team-building activities that mimics the Olympics, but at a much smaller scale with only the fun and a very small drop of competition. Kicking off with fun telematch games to start that are suitable for all ages, we eventually move on to modified sports challenges that are easy to pick up. The focus is to win, of course, but to also work together with one another as much as possible. And yes, it really is a lot of fun, not only that but if you don’t want an outdoor sports day you can also choose the indoor version of the Mini Olympics too in a nice air-conditioned hall.


The Squid Games
A lot of people loved the TV series Squid Game, and this outdoor team-building activity is similar to that, but with a very creative set of twists and also no one dies here. It’s all about competing and winning, but also going through all kinds of cool tests. This is an activity that’s suitable for small groups within 20-100 and can be done outdoors or indoors although the outdoor version seems to be the most popular, and It’s a new concept and one that a lot of people like because it’s geared towards working together, communicating, but also trusting each other.


There are a large variety of great outdoor team-building activities you can check out right away. All you need is to find the best one that fits your needs and requirements. Yes, there are demanding situations that can arise all the time, but if you tackle them right, nothing will be able to stand in your way. Avoid any rush, browse through

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