5 Quick Activities To Connect & Build Bonds With Your Team During Circuit Breaker

With the government’s latest measures to stop the spread of Covid-19 and the number of cases rising almost daily, staying home & working from home has become more important than ever to help stop the spread.

Unfortunately, this also means no more random desk chatter or lunches with colleagues as well as less chances to bond with your colleagues although shoutout to zoom for being a lifesaver for virtual meets.

As team-building experts having organized over 1,000 events from amazing races, team bonding games to experiential team-building, we know how important it is to keep your team together, connected and engaged despite the circumstances so  we thought we’ll do our little part and share with you 5 quick mini activities/ initiatives to try out during this work from home period.

Virtual Home Tour
In these trying times, staying connected and united is more important now than ever. Instead of having everyone keep to themselves and working in isolation, take the opportunity to get everyone to share a little bit more of their personal lives and provide a sneak peek into their homes & families.  Remember, it’s the little things that matter the most.

Group Virtual Workout
There are a million and one benefits to exercising and we won’t waste your time sharing it here as we only want to focus on two. First, exercising helps reduce stress and in times like these, helping & encouraging each other is important. Second, exercising together with colleagues helps keep everyone accountable. If exercising is not for everyone in the team, try having a mediation session instead.

Speed Typing Challenge
If your team is a competitive one, help keep the spirits and energy up through an online typing challenge. This is especially good to do during a dull day or halfway through a virtual meeting. Click here for a quick link to one. To keep it exciting, consider setting up a zoom chat prior so you can watch everyone’s game face and egged each other on.

If you are searching for a dynamic team game to engage your team whilst keeping everyone sharp. Werewolf might be the game for you. A game of wits, deceit and skilful manipulation based on careful listening and voting and lots of discussion, players will have to figure out who else is on their team and find a way to help their team win without exposing their identity. The best part, this game can be played on Zoom or Google Hangouts.

Pixel Art
Did you know that apart from collating, accounting and recording data, spreadsheets can also double up as a space for teams to work together to enhance their creativity? Introducing spreadsheet pixel art where you can add a little code to sheets that can automatically replace numbers with a colour to fill the cell. So allow creativity to breathe freely as teams work to make a complete art piece together. If you are looking for a template to start with, we’ll be happy to share ours. Reach out to us at [email protected] and we’ll send one to you. No questions asked.

So until we meet physically, stay safe & stay home!

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