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  • Become Detectives For The Day
  • Intriguing Puzzles And Mystifying Clues That Challenge Creativity and Critical Thinking
  • Choose From 3 Exciting Themes
  • Intensity: Low


  • Indoors
  • Group Size: 20 – 1,000
  • Duration: 2 – 3 Hours
  • Location: Anywhere (With Ample Space)
  • Pricing Starts From: $45/pax
  • Core Values Targeted: Teamwork, Problem Solving, Critical Thinking

Modified from the popular Escape Room concepts, be prepared to be captivated by fascinating storylines and mystifying clues in our thrilling CSI Mystery challenge. In this cognitive and brain stimulating activity, a major crime has just occurred, and teams will need to come together as detectives for the day to inspect the scene and the clues left behind. From solving puzzles, to cracking codes and tracing emails, teams will need to put their heads together and work to identify the culprit before the other team does. Crime scenes will be constructed in detail in a large indoor space and facilitators will also be dressed up as suspects to be interviewed by your team of detectives. The key is to never to have any prejudices but follow docilely where the facts may lead you!

Select from a sequential or free-for-all game format and choose from one of our top 3 themes below. Or if you like, we can even customise one for you!

CSI: Stolen Art

A series of famous paintings on exhibition. An anonymous tip off that an infamous thief is in town. The security alarm was triggered, but when the guards arrived, nothing was out of place. However, the head curator senses something amiss. Race against time to retrieve the real paintings before they disappear.


CSI: Smashing The Ring

A journalist covering an event has collapsed and died in the middle of an annual fund-raising dinner. In investigating what appears to have been an accidental death, your team of detectives discover connections and evidence linking him to a smuggling ring. Was his death really a misadventure or could someone be trying to silence him?


CSI: Bank Robbery

A bank was robbed last night, and all signs and evidence point to an inside job. With so many possible suspects and a mountain of evidence to sieve through, your team of detectives will have your work cut out for you. Was it the cleaner, or the security guard, or was there more than one person involved? It is now your team’s job to find out the curious incident of the bank robbery in the night-time.

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Thank you for such a great event last Saturday. The team was very accommodative and made it such a success in a really short timeframe. We appreciate all of your hard work. Cheers!

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Team Building Events Management Happy Clients
A HUGE thanks to PulseActiv for organising our team bonding beyond our desires – the objectives of play well, bond well and rest well, were met! We have received many positive feedback from colleagues. Tons of fun, host was lively and engaging, facilitators were friendly, the list goes on. We will remember this team bonding for a long time. Kudos for nailing the event!”

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