The Beginners Guide series

Finding the right fit and vendor for your event is an important aspect of an event’s success and failure so here are some quick tips on that.

a) Google is your best friend – Google is the most used search engine in the world so we highly recommend that as a starting point when searching for a provider as they will lead you to many results.

b) Shortlist a few vendors to contact – Look through each vendor’s website to get an idea of the activities they do & their client portfolio. A picture is worth a thousand words. Many vendors use stock photos to spruce up the design of their website/ activity so if they don’t show any real photos of their activities, try checking out their gallery or asking them for photos.

c) Reach out to the respective vendors to get a quote and proposal – Try to provide the vendor with as much information as possible as this will help the vendor to get a more in-depth understanding, enabling them to provide the most accurate quote and proposal possible.

Here are some key details we often ask our clients.

– Event Date & Time

– Demographics Of Your Participants

– Objectives

– Past Activities Conducted

– Preferred Locations

– Budget

d) Vet through the proposals you receive. Here are some guiding points.

Pricing – Compare packages across the various vendors and shortlist those that fit your budget. Quick tip, it is important to do an apple to apple comparison in terms of what’s included in the package, venue pricing etc as different vendors offer different package types. If it gets too confusing, find a vendor that includes everything you need in their package and check with the rest of the vendors the pricing based on a similar package. PS, expensive does not always mean the best.

Activity options – Based on your team’s interest and objectives, select an activity you feel best fits your needs. No matter what the experts say, you know your team best.

Experience & reputation – Due diligence is essential when appointing a team-building vendor as you’ll be depending on them to execute your event to perfection. Is the team building their core service or simply one of their event types? Ask for past event videos and photos as well as their past client portfolio.

e) Shortlist your preferred providers and request a meeting with them – Meeting the provider will allow you to better understand the activities they do and what they can offer you.

From there, select the vendor that’s the right fit for you and we’re good to go!

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