Why Virtual Team Bonding? – Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Jump On The Bandwagon

Why Virtual Team Bonding? - Here Are 5 Reasons Why You Should Jump On The Bandwagon

Virtual team bonding has become the new normal as we adapt to the Work from home reality brought on by the COVID-19 Pandemic. If you are still on the fence, here are 5 reasons why you should consider a virtual event whilst we wait out the pandemic.


Bring More Interaction To Virtual Work
As much as there are countless benefits about Working From Home Eg. Netflix all day just kidding 🙂 or being able to work in your pajamas, the reality is that with the Work From Home situation having been in place for a while now most people are slowly growing apart without realizing. Studies have shown that the physical distance of working remotely can eventually turn into an emotional distance. By having regular virtual bonding sessions (PS. it can be as simple as a chit chat or coffee break) it’ll provide opportunities for everyone to catch up, get familiar with each other, re-kindle the old flame and perhaps even create new meaningful relationships that leave all members feeling valued and satisfied.

Boost Team Morale 
We’ve spent quite some time sharing the importance of bringing more interaction to virtual work so we’ll keep this short. When everyone feels like a family, people wake up excited for work with excitement & enthusiasm which means also higher productivity!

Combat Loneliness
Loneliness can come in different shapes or forms and is a dangerous emotion. For the lucky ones who are living with family, loneliness might  creep in let alone for those working away from their families in another country. For some of us, work could be a form of socializing and with the loss of ability to have a quick chat with colleagues in the lift or pantry or simply turn behind to ask a question it might hit harder. Gone are the days we can have a quick chat in the lift or pantry. Let’s face it, trying to randomly chat with someone virtually especially since you have not seen them for a while is going to be a little awkward.

Increase Collaboration
“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much more”. Many people have the mindset that it is alot harder to collaborate virtually. One good benefit of a virtual event apart from all the above points is that you can show your team how we shouldn’t let any obstacles stand in our way. Plus, it’s always good to know someone has your back.

Lower Costs
We always try to save the best for last. Apart from the prices of virtual team bonding being signifcantly cheaper than physical events, there’s also other hidden savings such as travel, venue rental & other misc cost. Even if you are not facing budget cuts, why not use the remaining budget more effectively such as for more attractive prizes or a little gift for everyone.

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Till we meet physically, take care.


7 Simply Ways To Spruce Up Your Next Virtual Meeting

7 Simply Ways To Spruce Up Your Next Virtual Meeting

With the pandemic situation far from over and measures by various governments expected to be in place through the new year, virtual meetings will likely be here to stay for a while at least and for some companies, possibly permanently. So we thought why not share with everyone some simple tips we’ve learnt through our virtual journey in team bonding & team building that can help spruce up your virtual event. Remember, it’s the little things that can go the longest way.



1. Set An Agenda
Since it’s our first point, we thought why not start with the elephant in the room. While virtual meetings has its advantages, it comes with multiple disadvantages too. The biggest? It’s not the same as meeting in person. Apart from that, the extensive time spent staring at the screen will also take a toll on us physically through backaches and eye strains as well as mentally and emotionally. One huge way to mitigate that is ensuring the meeting is as short sharp or simpy put, productive and effective as possible by setting a meeting agenda so everyone knows the purpose of the meeting. One mini tip we’ve discovered after conducting over 100 virtual team bonding sessions is, quality is always better than quantity and there’s no point conducting 4-hour sessions if people get fatigued after awhile.

2. Eliminate Unnecessary Attendees
As much as technology has many perks, there’s also some downsides. Even with the top grade providers like Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Webex, most still experience awkward lags and cross-talks. The bigger the meeting, the more it happens. Add that to the fact that some people might be uncomfortable talking to big groups, we suggest keeping the meetings only to those necessary. A rule of thumb for us for our bonding events is a maximum of 8 per group so that might be a starting point.

3. Encourage Everyone To Turn On Their Webcam
Before you start a meeting, encourage everyone to turn on their cameras. It’s always nicer to talk to a person albeit virtually than to a blank screen. Enough said.

4. Ensure Everyone Is Familiar With The Platform
Remember, not everyone is tech savy and navigating something new can be daunting and might deter them from participating actively. For starters, you can either put together a platform guide, get IT or leadership to ensure all attendees are familiar with the platform or if time permits set aside some time to explain the basic functions. PS. the chatbox functions available on most platforms can be helpful for questions and for minimizing disruptions.

5. Focus A Little More On Visuals
Sprucing up your meeting with fun gifs or visuals can help perk up the energy and keep participants engaged. PS, to avoid any copyright issues, always ensure they are royalty-free.

6. Kickstart With Some Cool Jams
As participants wait for the meeting to start, it’s always nice to come in to something different and refreshing. Similar to the above, always ensure the music you play is royalty free.

7. Set Time For A Casual Chit-Chat Before & After The Meeting
If time permits, check-in with everyone either before the start of the meeting or at the end of the session. Although it might feel like you are pro-longing the meeting, trust us, it does wonders for one’s sanity and is a great morale booster.

Till the next time or if you are looking for a virtual team bonding provider as part of your virtual meeting, all the best for everyone’s virtual meetings.