AI Edition: What Exactly Is Team Building Theory

AI Edition: What Exactly Is The 5 Stages Of Team Building Theory?

In our second series of tapping on the wonders of AI, here’s our second article as we tap on AI to write this blogpost and find out exactly what it thinks is the team building theory?

Before we start, we were hoping to focus on the 5 stages theory of Forming, Storming, Norming, Performing & Adjourning but clearly AI had other ideas so we thought, why not share it’s thoughts so here goes it’s fully unedited version.

In today’s fast-paced business world, team building has become increasingly important in creating a cohesive and collaborative work environment. Team building theory is a crucial aspect of understanding how to create and maintain a successful team. At its core, team building theory focuses on three main components: Communication, Trust, and Collaboration.

Effective communication is essential to a team’s success, as it allows for the free flow of ideas and feedback.

Trust is also crucial in building a strong team – team members must be able to rely on one another to complete tasks and achieve goals.

Collaboration is the final piece of the puzzle, as it allows team members to work together effectively towards a common goal.

However, team building theory also recognizes that each team is unique and therefore requires a tailored approach. Leaders must adapt to the needs of their team and utilize various team building techniques such as icebreakers, team activities, and group problem-solving exercises to foster a sense of camaraderie and teamwork.

Ultimately, understanding team building theory is a vital aspect of creating and maintaining a successful team. By focusing on communication, trust, and collaboration, leaders can build a strong and cohesive team that is better equipped to tackle challenges and achieve success.

Do you agree with what AI says? Although different from our original plan, it definitely hits the right parts and as team building providers, we’ve also come to realise that Communication, Trust & the want to collaborate will always make strong teams. Let us know what you think!


5 Benefits Of Having Diversity In The Workplace

5 Benefits Of Having Diversity In Your Workplace

The importance of having a diverse workplace cannot be stressed enough in today’s increasingly globalized economy where businesses need to cater to a wider variety of consumers & the term diversity in the workplace can no longer be used as buzzword as more employees place a higher emphasis on this when selecting their workplace. It has become a key factor in creating a successful and productive working environment. In today’s globalized world, businesses need to offer a diverse workplace to remain competitive. Here are some benefits of diversity in the workplace:

1. Different perspectives: A diverse workforce can bring together a variety of perspectives and ideas that can help solve problems and innovate.

2. Improved creativity and innovation: Companies are more likely to come up with creative and innovative ideas when they have a diverse workforce. The mix of different people, backgrounds, and experiences can lead to innovative solutions.

3. Increased productivity: Employees who work in diverse environments tend to be more creative, and productivity levels are higher. A mix of personalities, skills, and approaches encourages employees to think differently.

4. Broader customer base: A diverse workforce can help better understand and serve a wider range of clients from different cultures and backgrounds.

5. Reduced turnover: A company that values diversity is more likely to attract and retain top talent, reducing employee turnover.

As per above, the benefits of having employees from various backgrounds are numerous, providing the organization with a variety of experiences, perspectives, and strengths which enhance the overall operations of the company. In addition to the obvious advantages of a diverse workforce, such as creativity, innovation, and problem-solving, there are also benefits from a marketing perspective. By catering to the needs of a diverse array of customers, a company can increase brand loyalty and profitability in the long term.

The Final Note
As you get excited about creating diversity in the workplace, don’t focus on just hiring because that’s only a small part. Organizations should also take steps to establish a culture of inclusivity that makes employees feel valued and respected. This can be achieved through a variety of approaches including diversity training, mentoring programs, and the establishment of diversity and inclusion committees. In the end, companies that prioritize diversity and inclusivity are going to attract a more engaged, productive, and ultimately profitable workforce. 




AI Edition: What Is Team Building & 4 Simple Ideas For You

AI EDITION: What Is Team Building & 4 Simple Ideas For You

AI & ChatGPT has taken the world by storm and we thought why not check it out. Here’s a series of popular topics our clients have shared with us that they would like our thoughts on which we haven’t been able to get out. So we thought… why not tap on AI for now so here goes.

What Is Team Building (Adobe AI’s version)
Team building is an essential aspect of any organization aspiring for long-term success. A team that is unified and supportive of one another is crucial in achieving collective goals and objectives. Team building activities can significantly improve the cohesion and productivity of the team. Here are some ideas for team building activities:

4 Team Building Ideas For You
1. Outdoor activities – These could include casual activities like hiking, canoeing, biking, or camping. Outdoor activities help the team work together towards a common goal and build trust.

2. Escape room – Escape rooms are a fun way for a team to work together and solve complex problems. The team has to think critically and use their problem-solving skills to escape within an allotted time.

3. Volunteer work – Volunteering as a team can have significant benefits such as improving team morale and cohesion, while giving back to the community.

4. Workshops – Organizing workshops where team members can learn new skills and techniques not only improve their individual knowledge but also help to build stronger bonds among team members.

By incorporating team-building activities into the workplace, an organization can create a more productive, engaged and motivated workforce that is committed to achieving the company’s objectives.

Our Conclusion
For an article that took less than 10 seconds to generate, it definitely is a great first draft for us to work from and definitely gives structure in sharing thoughts and ideas for potential team building activities. However, we felt that the depth of the article might not be enough to hep people truely learn about team building and the activities might not be relevant to Singapore’s context of team building (eg. hiking etc). That’s our two cents and we would love to hear how AI has helped you. Till next time.


4 Reasons Why Professional Development Can Help Your Career

4 Reasons Why Professional Development Is Important

In order to push your career to the next level and evolve as an expert in your field, you need to constantly learn and adapt to the industry. Of course, there are constant challenges that appear, but if you continue learning and pursue knowledge, it can really be a major advantage.

What Is Professional Development?
At its core, professional development is a process through which you are getting the training or education you need to evolve your knowledge in the desired field. Adequate training can help you stay up to date with trends, new ideas and features, while also allowing you to advance your career in a very creative manner.

You can do this through a variety of ways, be it training programs, workshops, online courses or even formal education. The problem is that a lot of people stop learning once they finish their studies and rely solely on what they learned up to this point and of course… life experiences. However, what you will notice is that most industries evolve and there’s always something new to learn. That’s why professional development is crucial, because it can give you the upper hand. You will certainly surpass those people that stop learning, which helps push your career to new heights. If you are not yet convinced, here are 4 reasons why.

The 4 Benefits Of Professional Development

You Have Better Job Satisfaction
When you focus on professional development, you get to be up to date with industry trends and improve your knowledge. As you do that, you can make a difference since you’re bringing knowledge and expertise that’s hard to access otherwise. Not only that, but professional development can help increase job satisfaction, while pushing the boundaries and pushing things to the next level.

Increased Or Better Work Performance
Another thing to note about professional development is that it can help boost your performance at work. Learning new technologies and features can help you become more productive. Not only that, but it will help you speed up how you work and boost your general performance. In the long run, it might even bring a promotion. It’s always a great idea to never stop learning, as that’s what will help you grow as a vetted professional, so try to keep that in mind.

It Gives You The Upper Edge When Compared With Employees
Not everyone is willing to learn new things and adapt. A lot of people dislike the idea of constantly learning, evolving and doing things outside of their comfort zone. So if you focus on professional development, that gives you an upper hand and competitive advantage that not a lot of people have. It’s imperative to continue learning regardless of your age, and once you do that, results can be incredible.

In addition, professional development can make it easier to advance your career. It’s one of those overlooked things that can offer you all the advantage you expect, while still giving you control over the situation. And that’s exactly what makes professional development such an excellent thing to focus on!

Bonus Ideas & Tips
Ideally, you want to start setting professional development goals and creating a plan to achieve them. It’s also recommended to find guidance and mentorship, since it can make a huge difference. Finding the right mentor can really go a long way. The same thing can be said if you participate in workshops and training, that alone can be extremely helpful and convenient.

We also recommend networking with peers and not shying away from getting feedback. It’s always helpful to receive support and guidance, even if it might not be the exact thing you want to hear AKA the truth. So yes, try to stay open to feedback and change your professional development plans accordingly.

In the end, professional development is one of those things that can bring the upper hand for anyone regardless of their industry or career stage. We highly recommend pursuing the idea to learn and finding ways to deepen your knowledge. It’s never easy to do that, but once you start focusing on it, results can be nothing short of impressive. At the end of the day, you want to be the best employee you can, and professional development will make it easier to achieve that goal


10 Human Resources Blogs You Should Check Out

10 Human Resources Blogs You Should Check Out

Staying up to date with the latest news and trends in the human resources world globally can be very difficult. It’s an ever-evolving industry with lots of things happening all the time, so it’s extremely important to follow some of the top HR blogs available. But with so many blog options, it can be hard to narrow down the right ones. Here’s a list with some of the top options to keep in mind, especially if you want to learn more about employee engagement, retention, interviews, building teams and new trends!

The Bonusly Blog
We believe The Bonusly Blog is a great option because it has all kinds of content related to company culture, employee experience, rewards and anything in between. Every HR professional should follow this blog, especially since it has a lot of articles on employee recognition.

The HR Capitalist
When you browse The HR Capitalist, you will find it an exceptional blog for a variety of reasons. It gives you all kinds of great ideas in the HR world, and it also talks about the latest industry trends. In addition, you get insights into HR strategies without being utterly specific.

When I Work
When I Work is a great blog for HR professionals because it brings management skills at the forefront. You have articles about policy violations, dealing with challenges, optimizing the workplace and so on. It’s ideal for any HR professional that handles a team.

SnackNation, special mention here is one of our favorites for its articles on employee engagement, and enhancing workplace wellness, and it can also help you focus more on helping your team. In addition, it brings ideas related to wellness programs, happiness, but also numerous challenges that you can sometimes face along the way.

Evil HR Lady
In case you’re looking for an HR blog that’s a bit on the fun side, then this can be a great and light read.The blog offers a great insight into how to navigate your workplace and manage a team, hire new people and so on. The added dose of sarcasm and excitement is what sets everything apart.

HR Bartender
HR Bartender’s approach comes via listicles. The blog does a very good job at helping you learn more about career advice, engaging employees, retaining them, but it also covers various leadership topics. It’s a go-to for any HR professional.

Namely Blog
Namely has a combination of payroll, HR and benefits experts. They all add up to tackle things like compliance, best practices and so on. It’s quite an interesting idea and they do bring in front an exceptional result and great benefits.

The Undercover Recruiter
If you’re interested in more recruiting content, then this blog is a great option. You will find it a goldmine when it comes to content related to interview techniques, best practices, recruiting trends and anything in between. The advantage is that you get new content often, it’s very professional and high quality as well.

Fistful Of Talent
Fistful of Talent has multiple contributors and their focus is to bring a solid, high quality perspective to the world of HR. On top of that, they do an exceptional job at keeping their hand on the pulse, while sharing some of the latest industry trends.

Career Plug
CareerPlug can also be a great pick, and the main reason behind that is it can help you enhance retention, focus on the candidate experience, etc. In addition, you will learn more about HR experiences and how to improve the way you treat and work with your treat your team as a whole.

These blogs offer an exceptional wealth of information and they can be one of the best places for any HR professionals to keep an eye on the latest trends. You can also learn a lot about various HR features, solutions and systems that currently work very well within the industry. Avail this great opportunity and visit these websites often for great HR content!

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The Ultimate Guide To Increasing Employee Satisfaction & Happiness At The Workplace

The Ultimate Guide To Increasing Employee Satisfaction & Happiness At The Workplace

Making sure that you focus on keeping employees happy is now one of the biggest factors to employee retention, even if it’s one of those things that can get overlooked more often than not. Which brings the question, what can you do in order to improve the work environment for your team? What changes can help increase employee happiness? Here are some guiding points to help you after discussion with many of our clients and we thought we’ll compile our findings here, so read on. Don’t worry, we don’t just blog only about our team building activities.


What Makes People Happy At Work?
Before we go on to any employee happiness tips, we believe it’s extremely important to first understand what makes people happy at work. Generally, employees are looking for a stellar work-life balance. They want to ensure that they do their work well while also having some time for themselves. In addition, employees are interested in delivering meaningful work, to see that what they do is actively making a difference.

Moreover, employee happiness can also stem from things like positive relationships at work. Having great relationships with others within the workplace can be very helpful and it’s certainly going to bring in front an exceptional array of results all the time.

The same thing can be said about appreciation, everyone wants to be appreciated when it comes to the things they do and see their career grow together with the company. You definitely work harder when you see that you’re appreciated and people trust what you are doing. It’s an exceptional and unique opportunity, something to take into consideration for the long term. Now this brings us to the most important point….


6 Ways To Improve Employee Happiness

  • Growth Opportunities – We always recommend offering growth opportunities. The reality is that no one wants to see their career get stale in any way. It makes a lot of sense to help your employees stay happy by offering them access to training programs, better positions within the company, etc. Encouraging your team to grow and continue to evolve is what will set you apart.
  • Employee Benefits – Support your employees with things like medical benefits, free medical check-ups and many others. Offering some bonuses can be an exceptional idea, and it can help deliver great benefits in the long term. Which is exactly the thing you need to take into consideration when it comes to something like this.
  • Flexibility At Work – Flexibility is another thing that you could focus on. Remember that flexibility is key when it comes to keeping people happy. A flexible schedule makes people more comfortable, and you will also find yourself enjoying the results much more than anticipated.
  • Open Communication – It’s also just as important to focus on things like open communication. Making sure you communicate ideas and also encourage open communication can actively make a huge difference. We believe that employee happiness is closely related to communication, if the workplace doesn’t encourage that it can lead to many different problems.
  • Bonuses & Team Rewards – No-one will ever say no to bonuses or rewards so offering this especially when performances are good and the business is doing well can go a really really long way. Bonuses are not a one and done solution but something you should always consider as an additional tool.
  • Work- Life Balance – With the transition and change of work environments in the post pandemic world, work-life balance is a crucial matter for most working professionals. These days, it’s difficult to deal with such problems and you need to find ways to tackle these problems adequately. It’s a very good idea to set yourself apart and the best way to achieve that is via encouraging your team to have a proper work-life balance. 


It’s never simple to try and focus on employee happiness and satisfaction, so finding the right methods to achieve such goals is a crucial matter. With that in mind, you always want to pursue employee happiness and use these tips shown above as the best guideline to focus on. At the end of the day, employee happiness can be very tricky and you will encounter a multitude of challenges until you get it right. But you should also remember that the faster you focus on improving these systems, the better it will be.


Is Company Culture Important To Building A High Performing Team?

Is Company Culture important to
building a High Performing Team?

If you want to help grow your organization, then working on a creating high-performing team and building a strong company culture can truly make a difference. The reality is that your company culture will end up motivating your team to try new things, experiment and expand, since they know they will receive all the necessary support and assistance. It really helps immensely to focus on employee growth and once you do that, you will be amazed with the value and quality being brought to the table. If we haven’t convinced you yet, here are 6 reasons why.


It Helps Increase Employee Engagement

That’s one of the major benefits of having a great company culture. It allows your employees to be more engaged in the work they do and happier at work if they feel like everyone is onboard together working towards the common goal. Happy employees help make a happy workforce and in turn happy clients so it’s a win-win all around for everyone.

Better Productivity

When you have a very good company culture, people end up feeling motivated and they end up performing even better. When you have a company that respects and empowers you, then you feel motivated to deliver even better results and a great value. That’s why you need to ensure the company culture is adequate and it helps those people that are great at what they do!

Enhancing the brand identity

Not only will your high-performing team be very happy with their results, but this also helps bolster your brand identity. It helps immensely because your team is motivated and they also know their work is rewarded. Plus, it benefits your brand too, which is the best of both worlds.

Sticking To The Core Values Of Your Business

What’s very important to keep in mind when you create a high-performing team is that your company culture always needs to stay relevant and you need to focus on growth. The reason is simple, sticking to the core value gives a sense of confidence, trust and efficiency, something that truly matters from a business standpoint. With a high performing team aligned to core values, the results is a consistent delivery each time.

It Makes Recruiting People A Lot Easier

That’s one of the major advantages when you have a great company culture, recruiting a great team is way simpler than normal. You get to show that the team is cohesive, what kind of culture you have, and that will attract more and more people towards your business. It’s the best way to recruit talent, showing they are respected and they always receive a very good result and value.

Boosting Retention

Retention is a problem for many businesses because they can find talent, but retaining it is where things get tricky. Thankfully, retention is not as problematic when it you have a great company culture that always draws people in. Once you do that and show your team that there are many advantages when it comes to working with you, then the results can be exceptional. You get to maintain the attention of your team, focus on growth and also provide great value for your team. Which in turn will bring in better results for your business as a whole.



One thing is certain, having an amazing company culture will always attract great talent and boost the power of your business. If you want to become an authority in your field and surpass competitors, working conditions and the company culture are crucial for your business. The same can be said about team building activities. All these little things add up to deliver amazing results in the long run, especially if you always focus on the wellbeing and happiness of your team with a solid company culture! 


How to Collaborate Effectively if you have a Remote Team?

How to collaborate effectively
if you have a remote team?

When you have a remote team, it can be quite difficult to figure out a way to maintain communication and boost productivity. The reason is simple, working remotely can sometimes be a struggle due to a poor connection, a lack of tools/software and many other similar issues. Which brings the question, how can you collaborate properly if we have a remote team? Fret not, here’s a list we’ve compiled just for you to help.


Focus On Collaborative Tasks First

Start with tasks that require collaboration first as it typically tends to involve more back and forth speeding up the entire process and boosting productivity. This will allow team members to be clearer of their roles and allow them more time to work on their separate tasks.

Set Up Collaborative Tools

There are all kinds of collaborative tools you can use, from the ever popular Google Drive, Zoom & the full suite of Microsoft 365 to industry-specific tools. Making sure that everyone receives training and it’s all set up properly as most times it does take a bit of a trial and error and people need some time to adapt. Once everyone is properly transitioned, we are very sure you’ll be pleased with the results.

Identify And Set Goals

Having goals helps make collaborating better and more efficient. Interestingly, every system in place is always going to have its own impact, so might as well work on it the best way that you can. And yes, it can actively help make things better all the time. One extra tip, do make sure you set measurable and achievable goals or goal setting might just backfire as well.

Clarity Is Very Important

Why do we need clarity? It’s safe to say that everyone needs to know exactly what they need to do. When there is a lack of clarity, there can be issues and you really want to avoid that. Instead of just assigning random tasks, try to ensure that every team member knows what they have to do and what’s expected. It just helps ensure everything will be fine, and you don’t have to worry about any hassle/challenges that might arise.

Establish All Kinds Of Team Building Events As Well As Remote Gatherings

The reason behind that is simple, even if some people work remotely, you do want to ensure your team  is cohesive and they understand each other. Which is why team building events are a great solution. They make it easy for everyone to connect with each other, and it certainly adds that sense of friendship which will make working together a lot easier.

Use A Time Management System

You want to ensure that everyone’s work time is tracked properly and people don’t overwork too much as well, so a time management system is the ideal way to achieve that. Not only will it deliver a very good experience, but the quality as a whole will improve too. Which is why it can be a great idea to have an online based time management system, since it can make the entire process simpler.



In the end, having a great collaborative system in place is always going to help and come in handy. Not only will it make it easy to work with a remote team, but it will help better connect everyone and eliminate any issues. It’s a great thing to consider, especially from a business standpoint since everyone will become more productive. Plus, when you have great collaboration and also focus on team building, you can be certain everyone will have a really good time working together. Give it a try and use these tips, they will help your business immensely in the long run!


5 Outdoor Team Building Activities For Your Team

5 Outdoor team building activity ideas for your team

One of the best way to create team-building activities is to make them engaging, fun, but also think outside the box. That’s why outdoor team building activities are widely sought after as it allows everyone to get moving, exploring the great outdoors whilst bringing in an amazing array of emotions & allowing networking & connectivity.

It’s always important to try and spruce things up as you find new and even better team-building activities. That’s why it’s highly recommended to take these into account and once you do that, the benefits can be outstanding. You just have to take it all into consideration and see what outdoor team-building activities fit your team the most.


Pulse Amazing Race

If you saw the Amazing Race TV series, then you will have a good idea of what you can expect. The focus with our Amazing Race outdoor team building activity is that you’ll need to go through a series of challenges spread across multiple locations in a certain vicinity such as Sentosa, City or even a special place like Gardens By The Bay learning about the locations and completing team missions along the way.

Taking your team outdoors and exploring new landmarks in their backyard in a creative way is always exciting, and having the opportunity to work closely with colleagues is even better. It just adds to the experience, while bringing in a very creative and exciting way to play.

The outdoor team-building activities within this experience are challenging, and they will have everything from demanding situations to confusion and a true focus on teamwork. It’s all about fun, but you do need to work with your entire team in order to be the first reaching that finish line. This activity is suitable for groups of over 20 people to up to even a 1,000, and it can take anywhere from 2 to 5 hours.


Property Typhoon

This Monopoly-themed outdoor team building activity is all about getting as many properties and sets and becoming the true property tycoon. The way you do that is very easy to understand. There are multiple teams and each one of them needs to complete challenges spread over different landmarks in the city with a special advantage given to the first mover as well as the fastest collector of each set.

In true Monopoly fashion, these challenges can also end up making you pass a turn or you might have to visit the “Jail” where we might put you into exile for a little bit. It really is an amazing, exciting and very empowering game that a lot of people will love to play, especially since it’s a whole bunch of fun and extremely engaging whilst allowing many different strategies to come to life.


Running Man

In this game, the idea is that you will need to go head-to-head with other teams in missions with the goal of out-dueling everyone. You will have all kinds of ridiculous and fun challenges that will help you improve the overall teamwork and chemistry within the team. Every challenge will have a winning team, and that team is going to have access to various superpowers. You can use those in the final mission, where it’s crucial to take out the opponents. It’s one of those interesting and exciting outdoor team-building activities that will test your team’s power and how well everyone is able to work together.


Mini Olympics

As the name suggests, this is one of those outdoor team-building activities that mimics the Olympics, but at a much smaller scale with only the fun and a very small drop of competition. Kicking off with fun telematch games to start that are suitable for all ages, we eventually move on to modified sports challenges that are easy to pick up. The focus is to win, of course, but to also work together with one another as much as possible. And yes, it really is a lot of fun, not only that but if you don’t want an outdoor sports day you can also choose the indoor version of the Mini Olympics too in a nice air-conditioned hall.


The Squid Games

A lot of people loved the TV series Squid Game, and this outdoor team-building activity is similar to that, but with a very creative set of twists and also no one dies here. It’s all about competing and winning, but also going through all kinds of cool tests. This is an activity that’s suitable for small groups within 20-100 and can be done outdoors or indoors although the outdoor version seems to be the most popular, and It’s a new concept and one that a lot of people like because it’s geared towards working together, communicating, but also trusting each other.



There are a large variety of great outdoor team-building activities you can check out right away. All you need is to find the best one that fits your needs and requirements. Yes, there are demanding situations that can arise all the time, but if you tackle them right, nothing will be able to stand in your way. Avoid any rush, browse through.


Pulseactiv Insights: Top Team Building Activities Awards 2022

PulseActiv Insights Team Building awards

Always wondered what’s popular and trending in the team building market now that the pandemic is finally over or simply looking for something fun and different to do with your team? We’ve got your back.

Introducing…. Our first ever team building popularity awards where we share with you the top activities I’ll clients have picked in 2022 to save you time and hassle of searching all around the internet.



Coming in at over 100 events for the year was our ever consistent and uber popular Amazing Race which started our 10 year-journey in the team building space.  From starting out in 2013 with offering just 3 locations of Sentosa, City Hall & the CBD, we’ve literally expanded to offering customized races around the island from Gardens By The Bay, a traditional heritage journey around Chinatown and multiple island-wide races where we’ve even helped a number of organizations tailor their employee inductions into a fun race even visiting their various sites.

Oh yes, don’t worry our race isn’t just a hunt with quizze and clues as apart from a wide 30-game selection for you to pick from with loads of team elements, we’ve also got many of twists & turns, fast passes & detours packed within.



Coming in as the top in the non-race outdoor activity and going just above 100 events like our Amazing Race was the Running Man Challenge which was very popular for the smaller group sizes probably because it allowed the most interaction across whole groups with many inter-team battles and loads of laughter. The best part, it was also one of the rare few outdoor activities that allowed for a full wet-weather contingency as it could be done fully outdoors, open places with a shelter, in futsal pitches, sports hall & even few function/ hotel rooms. Oh yes, in case we also forgot to mentioned, we’ve introduced over 10 new missions that are not too physical whilst also ensuring all inclusivity to allow for a great team bonding time.



A surprise for our team and even our regular clients was DIY Coaster Adventure coming in top place after all numbers was tabulated knocking off our One World Pipeline activity that somehow maintained the top spot squarely since we started our journey in the team building space  pre-pandemic. Despite us introducing the activity somewhere in the midst of the year, it very quickly gained popularity even hitting up to 15 events for the month at it’s peak. With it’s many collaborative elements across teams and entire groups whilst ensuring everyone’s creativity comes to life, it’s the perfect combination for those looking for an indoor team building fix with a little physicality.


Who knew a television show could so greatly captivate our hearts & our minds? This year’s trend-setter award goes to Squid Game! Showdown which we introduced after fielding many enquiries brought my everyone’s addiction to the show. The main differences from the actual show and ours? Don’t worry no one will have to die and we’ve also managed to find ways for teams to work together and navigate missions without trying to harm each other all whilst sticking true to the original games. Think Dalgona Candy Trace & Red Light, Green Light.



This year’s most popular overseas retreat location went to Batam with Bintan & Desaru trailing over many events behind and Penang & Bali rounding the top 5. With over 4 ferry operators offering daily routes and more than 30 ferries plying the route daily, the rest never had much of a chance with only 1 to 2 ferries a day plus potential jams at the causeway for Desaru & Batam.

Back to Batam, we are really glad to see the city and hotels plus resorts come back to life and our favorites Harris Barelang Batam & Radisson Batam booming with business. From mini resort amazing races, customized challenges on hotel beachfronts and even featuring ATVs in adventures, shopping and really good kelongs, there’s always going to be something for everyone.


We hope that the above information gives you some insights into what’s hot and popular right now but remember, no two companies, objectives and profile of participants are the same so it’s also ok to pick what’s best for you. If you are interested to find out more, reach out to us and our friendly team will happy to have a casual chat to find the best fit for you.