10 Cool Door Gift Ideas For Your Next Team Building Event

10 Cool Door Gift Ideas For Your Next Team Building Event

Door gifts are common fare at events and are a good way to bring a little spirit and cheer to open or close an event. The biggest challenge is finding the right gift that will please as many people as possible. To aid you in your search, here’s our list of 10 cool & unique door gift ideas for you to consider for your next team-building event.

Zen Wireless Qi Charger Pod @ $11.15 (here)
Wireless chargers are all the rage now and the best part is you don’t have to worry about phone compatibility with this.

 2-In-1 Travel Adaptor With Removable Wireless Charger Top @ $26.85 (here)
Did you know Singaporeans are the biggest travellers in Asia Pacific? This travel adaptor with the cool wireless charger feature as a bonus is guaranteed to be a crowd-pleaser. PS. now they’ll also have no more excuses to say they didn’t bring their charger and hence can’t work on the go. Just kidding.

10,000mah Qi Wireless Charging Powerbank With  @ $17.09 (here)
Ensure no one ends up with a flat battery with this 10,000mah powerbank. With the wireless charging feature just like the above, you dont have to worry about phone compatibility here too.

Lumina Activity Tracker Wristband @ $15.66 (here)
Have you heard the quote healthy employees make a healthy business? So boost your business and the health of your team all at once with this fun tracker. HPB will also definitely be very pleased.

400ml Wolter Curve Insulating Tumbler @ $15.01 (here)
Curve, leak-proof, double-walled, cup with screw cap and drinkable all-around, need we say more?  In case the price isn’t to your liking, fret not, there are a dozen cheaper bottles/ tumblers out there.

Premium Microwavable Eco-Friendly Lunch Box @ $10.74 (here)
Because sustainability & being eco-friendly is the new way of life, encourage your participants to go green with this all in one lunch box.

 Customised EZ-Link Card With $10 Top Up @ $17.70 (here)
Practicality is key to every door gift and they probably also need it to get to work so why not an ez-link card?

10L PVC Waterproof Dry Bag @ $8.16 (here)

Having an outdoor event by the sea, this dry-bag will definitely be a crowd-pleaser.

23” Foldable Umbrella With Carabiner Handle @ $10.80 (here)
With today’s unpredictable weather, an umbrella is also something handy on the go.

 Gomez Reversible Windbreaker  @ $23.85 (here)
Why provide a shirt when you can provide a jacket? Go one level up with this cool windbreaker.

*Disclaimer: Price might vary based on quantity required (cheaper if high quantity required and more expensive if only a small quantity required). For the sake of this article, we’ve used a standard number of 50 and based from a supplier in Singapore. In case you are wondering, prices were taken from our door gift partner Gift Market.

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