Our Top 5 Picks For Your Next Virtual Team Building Event

Our Top 5 Picks For Your Next Virtual Team Building Event


Are you looking for something fun and different to do with your team? Then, why not try out our virtual team building activities or games! They’re a great way to get to know your co-workers better and have some fun. Plus, they’re perfect for remote teams. Here are our top five picks from our collection for the best virtual team building experience. Check them out and see which one is right for you!

#1. Team Bingo
Too complicated? Too boring? Too draggy? Someone always seems to be overpowering the rest? 

Team Bingo, our most popular activity is the perfect solution for teams looking for a fun and light-hearted team challenge that will get everyone working together creatively in an attempt to complete a series of tasks or rather line. 

From photo, video, dance, physical and team challenges of varying difficulties with a core focus on team and inclusivity, it’s perfect for boosting team morale and interaction. The best part, with a wide selection of games for teams to choose from, they’ll be able to tailor their experience accordingly. 

#2 Domination
Looking for something to bring out the competitive spirit in your team or just a way to allow participants to interact across the board? 

Domination might just do the trick for you as participants battle it out to be the ultimate dominator within the team. Think, outwit, outplay & outlast as they try to be man on top learning new skills, unleashing their creativity & having to adapt as quickly as they can. Before you start trying to connect the dots on how this helps with team bonding, let us help you do so as in this unique no holds barred challenge, instead of killing each other literally, they’ll be placed in different teams for each game requiring them to adapt quickly & work with new team members for victory each round.  

With Domination, there are no boundaries – only winners.

#3. Abducted
“Alone, we can do so little, together we can do so much” – Hellen Keller 

You may have the best team globally, but if they don’t work together, you will not get very far. And if you don’t have a leader, you’re not going to get very far.

Introducing Abducted,  a game we are just so proud off that involves collaboration, critical thinking, problem solving and leadership all at once as participants attempt to save 21-year old Katherine who’s been kidnapped by one John Chadwick. Think escape room adventure but without any individual heroes as each elite team and agents within will all be given different info throughout their journey.

Let’s hope they’ll be able to bring Katherine home before it’s too late.

#4. Lost Treasures Of Sundarbans
It can be hard to motivate employees to think critically and work together and PS. Escape rooms are always a good energy booster at the same time.

Cue Lost Treasure Of Sundarbans that we curated based on the Sundarbans Forest the largest mangrove forest in the world and home of the Royal Bengal Tigers where teams will need to think critically, solve problems, work together in order to find the Lost Treasures before another team gets to it first. If you are worried that it might be too hard for participants, don’t worry we’ve got that settled by building fun puzzles that are both simple and complicated at the same time. Think interactive live chat box, the old school nokia snake game, matching, board mysteries and more.

Can your team complete the obstacles, get to the treasures & escape the home of the Royal Bengal Tigers in time?

#5. Beat The Clock
If you are looking for a quick morale booster and a fun game night with lots of laughter, Beat The Clock designed after popular game show Minute To Win is perfect for you as teams or individuals go head to head in mini challenges before 60 seconds run out. From guiding a cookie from their forehead into their mouths without any hands to scribbling as fast as they can, we are silently hoping that their adrenaline doesn’t shoot through the roof and no one ends up in stitches. Don’t worry, everything they’ll need can be found in the comfort of their home.  

Thank you for making it to the end, we hope we’ve managed to give you some creative ideas for your next virtual team building event. If you are keen to find out more or need help selecting the perfect solution for your team, reach out to us and we’ll be happy to assist.

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