How to Collaborate Effectively if you have a Remote Team?

How to collaborate effectively
if you have a remote team?

When you have a remote team, it can be quite difficult to figure out a way to maintain communication and boost productivity. The reason is simple, working remotely can sometimes be a struggle due to a poor connection, a lack of tools/software and many other similar issues. Which brings the question, how can you collaborate properly if we have a remote team? Fret not, here’s a list we’ve compiled just for you to help.

Focus On Collaborative Tasks First
Start with tasks that require collaboration first as it typically tends to involve more back and forth speeding up the entire process and boosting productivity. This will allow team members to be clearer of their roles and allow them more time to work on their separate tasks.

Set Up Collaborative Tools
There are all kinds of collaborative tools you can use, from the ever popular Google Drive, Zoom & the full suite of Microsoft 365 to industry-specific tools. Making sure that everyone receives training and it’s all set up properly as most times it does take a bit of a trial and error and people need some time to adapt. Once everyone is properly transitioned, we are very sure you’ll be pleased with the results.

Identify And Set Goals
Having goals helps make collaborating better and more efficient. Interestingly, every system in place is always going to have its own impact, so might as well work on it the best way that you can. And yes, it can actively help make things better all the time. One extra tip, do make sure you set measurable and achievable goals or goal setting might just backfire as well.

Clarity Is Very Important
Why do we need clarity? It’s safe to say that everyone needs to know exactly what they need to do. When there is a lack of clarity, there can be issues and you really want to avoid that. Instead of just assigning random tasks, try to ensure that every team member knows what they have to do and what’s expected. It just helps ensure everything will be fine, and you don’t have to worry about any hassle/challenges that might arise.

Establish All Kinds Of Team Building Events As Well As Remote Gatherings
The reason behind that is simple, even if some people work remotely, you do want to ensure your team  is cohesive and they understand each other. Which is why team building events are a great solution. They make it easy for everyone to connect with each other, and it certainly adds that sense of friendship which will make working together a lot easier.

Use A Time Management System
You want to ensure that everyone’s work time is tracked properly and people don’t overwork too much as well, so a time management system is the ideal way to achieve that. Not only will it deliver a very good experience, but the quality as a whole will improve too. Which is why it can be a great idea to have an online based time management system, since it can make the entire process simpler.

In the end, having a great collaborative system in place is always going to help and come in handy. Not only will it make it easy to work with a remote team, but it will help better connect everyone and eliminate any issues. It’s a great thing to consider, especially from a business standpoint since everyone will become more productive. Plus, when you have great collaboration and also focus on team building, you can be certain everyone will have a really good time working together. Give it a try and use these tips, they will help your business immensely in the long run.

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5 Ways To Engage Remote Teams

5 Ways To Engage Remote Teams

5 Ways To Engage Remote Teams

As a business leader, it’s important to find ways to engage your remote team and keep them connected. Here are five simple ways to get started.

When your team is distributed across different locations, keeping them engaged, connected, and working together can be challenging. If you’ve been cracking your brains, try to find out what to do next? Fret not because you’ve come to the right place. Read on below to find out 5 simple ways to engage your remote team and improve productivity. PS. As much as we are a team building company, and it’s highlighted below, we’ve included other good tips as well.

Allow Team Members To Share Their Backgrounds And Interests Through Group Catch Up & Chit Chats

One way to help team members feel more connected is to allow them to share their backgrounds and interests. As a result, team members are more likely to show their true colors and share something interesting when given the opportunity.

When you ask each individual on your team about his background or interests, it gives him a chance to speak willingly and without fear of judgment. No one wants someone else’s business secrets coming out in front-and. If there is anything negative associated with them, then at least this way, we can get rid of those bad vibes!

It’s possible to achieve it in various ways, such as through a company intranet site, social media networks, or discussion forums. By sharing this information, team members will feel like they know each other better and will be more likely to work together effectively.

Encourage Team Bonding Through Fun Activities

It is essential to encourage teamwork to build a strong group. We can do this by having fun activities that promote communication and collaboration.

Fun team bonding activities include could include simple games such as Pictionary or an online scavenger hunt, escape rooms or a professionally led team building session.These activities help break the ice and make team members feel more comfortable working together.

When team members are comfortable with each other, they will be more likely to collaborate and communicate effectively.

Use Technology To Facilitate Communication

Technology can play a vital role in helping remote teams communicate effectively. With the advances in technology, there are now many different ways to facilitate communication between team members.

Some of the most popular methods include video conferencing, instant messaging, and online chat rooms. These tools can hold meetings, share files, and support team members.

By using these tools, team members will be able to communicate more effectively and will be able to work together more efficiently.

Provide Training And Development Opportunities

One way to engage your remote team is to provide training and development opportunities. That can help team members stay up-to-date on the latest trends and technologies.

It can also help them discover new skills that they can use to improve their work. Finally, you will show your team that you are invested in their success by providing these opportunities.

Make sure to offer various training and development opportunities so that team members can choose the ones that best meet their needs.

Celebrate Successes Together

Another way to engage your remote team is to celebrate successes together. You can do it by organizing virtual events. That can help team members feel appreciated and motivated.

When team associates feel like they are part of a successful team, they will be more likely to work harder and be better productive.

Make sure to celebrate both big and small successes. It will show your team that you value their contributions and are committed to their success.

We can celebrate it through our team building games; we have party base games such as our Beat The Clock Challenge. We can also send gifts such as virtual vouchers or food catering to show our appreciation.


While it may take effort to get started, engaging remote teams can be well worth the investment. By creating a team culture that values open communication and fosters creativity, you can ensure your remote team is just as productive — if not more so — than your in-house team. 

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