10 Under $10 – Door Gift Ideas For Your Next Outdoor Event

10 Under $10 - Door Gift Ideas For Your Next Outdoor Event

  10 Under $10 – Door Gift Ideas For Your Next Outdoor Event Having an outdoor team building event or a family day coming up? Here are 10 gift ideas under $10 that are practical and useful for the event.  
  1. Elmos Drawstring Bag @ $4.57 (here)
Drawstring bags are light, convenient and easy to carry around and can stall a ton. The best part, this model comes with extra compartments to store your valuables. *Alternative drawstring bag options start from $2.95  
  1. Neon Shoe Bag @ $5.29 (here)
Shoe bags serve a great purpose especially for the fitness and sports junkies and can even store a pair of heels. We especially like the neon model for its simple and sleek design. *Alternative shoe bag options start from $2.95  
  1. Portable Mini Handheld Fan (here)
Under the sun and especially in humid Singapore, it sometimes gets too hot. This mini fan can help keep things cool during the event. *Alternative fan options start from $5.11  
  1. 21” Foldable Umbrella @ $7.55 (here)
Practical and light, this door gift will also help provide a “wet weather plan” for your event especially if you are doing an Amazing Race or are in a place with no shelter. Just press a quick umbrella and the umbrella shoots open.  
  1. Cosie Microfibre Towel @ $3.78 (here)
Towels have many uses from wiping off sweat to even doubling up as a cap or even a shower towel if one’s desperate. Amongst it all, the cosie microfibre towel is our favourite for its affordability and lightness. *Alternative towel options start from $3.52.  
  1. Dri-Fit Baseball Cap (6 Panel) @ $6.52 (here)
Caps are a good way to provide respite from the heat. The best part, we can even use it to identify teams during a team building event with different colours to represent different teams. *Alternative cap options start from $6.12  
  1. Non Woven Foldable Pinic Mat @ $8.05 (here)
Worried that your participants don’t have a place to seat on the beach, this foldable and compact pinic mat can help do the treat. Just provide one for everyone and noone will ask for tables & chairs.  
  1. 650ml Casanova Tritan Sports Bottle (BPA Free) @ $4.77 (here)
Hydration is key during an outdoor event. Cut out the ice-mountain water bottles and provide a “green alternative” and use a water cooler with this instead. *Alternative bottle options start from $3.97  
  1. Waterproof Phone Neck Pouch @ $4.29 (here)
Worried participants might get their phone in the water by accident and want to avoid anyone having bad memories during the event? This handy waterproof neck pouch will help do the trick. The deepest we tried? 1.5m and absolutely no issue.  
  1. Roundneck Dri-Fit T Shirt  @ $6.76 (here)
One of the most popular gifts and also the best looking for group photos, a dri-fit t shirt always does the trick. Not only can it be use for groupings, it is also great for branding. *Alternative t-shirt options start from $6.32 *Disclaimer: Price might vary based on quantity required (cheaper if high quantity required and more expensive if only a small quantity required). For the sake of this article, we’ve used a standard number of 50 and based from a supplier in Singapore. In case you are wondering, prices were taken from our door gift partner Gift Market.